The Right Lawyer Matters

Life was good for a while. I met my wife 18 years ago and before we were married we have a great time together. We didn’t have a very long dating period or engagement. We dated for a year before we decided to move in together. She had two small children at the time and I felt like I was ready to become a dad. I was happy for a while, and so was she. But, there came a time when I needed one of the best divorce lawyers in Modesto Ca.

Times were good. We had a two bedroom apartment to start out with, just her two children and us. We lived a good life. She had been divorced before, and that didn’t bother me a bit. I was always told that marriage was supposed to last a lifetime, through the good years and the bad ones. No matter how hard your marriage was you were to stick with it I have been told.

Time passed and we moved around a bit and got some good paying jobs. I ended up having two kids of my own so we grew into a family of four very quickly. We needed more room and built our first two story brick home with four bedrooms. Life was seemingly very good.

She was having an affair with another man. After a tough period I forgave her. She was great for a while but it happened again. I wanted a lawyer, a divorce lawyer. My marriage was over.

I needed someone to help me with arranging custody for my children which was my greatest concern. I could no longer live in my home because it needs two paychecks to pay the mortgage. There were credit card bills, phone bills, and medical bills that needed to be paid and I wanted someone with the background and experience to help me arrange for all of those important issues.

A good divorce lawyer is what I got. I was able to get custody of my children, and my wife was ordered to pay child support. My divorce lawyer was able to sort out all the bills that needed to be paid. She was responsible for hers and I was responsible for mine.

My lawyer was able to help me the most in my desperate time of need. When you are facing divorce, you need a great divorce lawyer to help you like mine helped me.